Flyers: Zauberfetish

One of the upcoming performance that I will do is at the Zauberfetish party. This party is on 6 December 2014 in Bremen, Germany.Beside performing there, the organization also used a picture of me on the flyer! I am so happy with that. I hope to see you all there!

Model: Dutch Dame Photographer: Guldor and RopeMarks Designer: House of Harlot and Fantastic Rubber

Photos: Girls Galore

“Introducing a sexy new girlfriend on my website. She is the beautiful Pussy Galore. Together we are dressed in black, white and transparent latex lingerie. Off course we love to play around with the latex and it is getting very hot in this room...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Girls Galore
Images: 28
Models: DutchDame and Pussy Galore
Latex: Burning Heart Latex
Make-up: Inge Eichhorn
Photographer: Alex Perez

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Model: Dutch Dame

Artwork: Pedro Konijn

One of the best fetish artist has drawn me! I am so honoured and happy.What an amazing work of art, thank you so much Pedro!!!

Model: Dutch Dame By: Pedro Konijn Bondage by: RopeMarks

Shows: Subrosadictum

Previously I attended the Subrosadictum party in Munchen, but this year I did a latex and bondage show with RopeMarks. This show was a collection of all sorts of elements, but all fetish! We played with candles, breath play, water and much more!

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Photos: Heinrich v. Schimmer

Previews: Pump it up


Video Name: Pump it up
Length: 5:57 minutes
Model: Dutch Dame
Video by: RopeMarks

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Artwork: Eros Pics

This beautiful and creative artwork is made by Eros Pics. Picture is taken during one of my demonstrations with RopeMarks at the Boundcon convention.

Model: Dutch Dame By: Eros Pics Bondage by: RopeMarks

Shows: Boundcon

Super proud to model once more for the international bondage star RopeMarks! Every time I do a show with him I just can't believe my luck. It is an honor and pleasure to do shows together. This geisha inspired show we did during the bondage event Boundcon in Munchen.

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Photos: Pedro Konijn Maiko:Safiya Winta

Photos: Showroom

“Welcome to the HW Design showroom! DutchDame models for you in diverse latex items. Such as latex pants, stockings, gloves and more! All items are in white, black and transparent colours. Enjoy this virtual showroom made for your pleasure.”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Showroom
Images: 35
Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: RopeMarks

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Boundcon Demo's

This year I attended Boundcon in Munchen. Boundcon is a three day bondage event. I modelled for RopeMarks in several demonstrations and main stage shows. It was a fantastic experience and lots of fun!

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Photos: Bindme and godfarter3

Photos: Strictly Submissive

“DutchDame is one lucky lady being able to play with the submissive and gorgeous Valentina. Both are fully dressed in dark green and red latex. The outfits are complete with tied corsets and a hood. DutchDame wears a hat and carries the whip. The beautiful Valentina joins her and gets close to DutchDame. Let's play!”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Strictly Submissive
Images: 75
Models: DutchDame and Valentina Fetish D.
Photographer: Fetish Tool

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Model: Dutch Dame

Artwork: Red Panda Dee

In London I met Red Panda Dee. This amazing artist made a beautiful artwork of me hanging in RopeMarks bondage. I am so thankfull for this beautiful art, totally loving it!

Model: Dutch Dame By: Red Panda Dee Bondage by: RopeMarks

Magazines: Massad #268

Woohoo!!! I am so proud to be on the cover of the Massad issue 268! I am so happy with this photo. Photo by Alex Perez, latex design by designer Burning Heart Latex, make-up and hair by Inge Eichhorn. Special thanks to Pussy Galore for arranging the location, thank you! More images of this shoot coming soon on my website.

Model: Dutch Dame Magazine by: Massad

Photos: The Garage

“The combination of latex and bondage is DutchDame's personal favorite! In this gallery she is wearing a sexy latex outfit, made by amazing designer from Bibatex latex. In the garage she gets tied with rubber straps, gagged and blindfolded...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: The Garage
Images: 20
Model: DutchDame
Latex: Bibatex
Photographer: Imaginary Tease

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Inner Sanctum catwalk

I am super proud and honored to model once more for the awesome latex designer Inner Sanctum! His designs are always so amazing and it is always such a pleasure to wear their latex outfits. All the models looked so beautiful in their black and gold collection. The catwalk was a great success!

Model: Dutch Dame Latex: Inner Sanctum

Videos: Wasteland 20 years

Wasteland 20 years party! This video was made for Wasteland the 20th edition. The theme is transformation. Dutch Dame is featured in this video multiple times in different hoods, gags and ropes. Videomade by RunPaintRun.

Model: Dutch Dame Event: Wasteland Videographer: RunPaintRun