Events: Unleashed Valentine Ball

Party pictures from the Unleashed fetish Valentine ball. Such a wonderful night. I dressed up in rubber, danced and meet lots of great people. This night was absolutely perfect!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: Unleashed

Photos: Vaccube

“Dutch Dame loves latex and bondage. The combination of these two is even better! This sexy girl spent her time dressed in heavy rubber and stuck in a latex vac cube. Nowhere to go but stay in this cube. Feeling the latex being pressed again her body...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Vaccube
Images: 20
Model: Dutch Dame
Photographer: L-A-TEX

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Catwalk Lady Oops

Unleashed is an awesome fetish party in the middle of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I was so happy to not only be there, but also model for Lady Oops catwalk. Gorgeous outfits and gorgeous girls, what a night! Loving the outfit so much I also did a shoot with it. Coming soon on the member website.

Model: Dutch Dame, Rachael-V, Mari Kitten, Haas en co, and many more! Latex: Lady Oops Event: Unleashed

Previews: Clowning Around


Video Name: Clowning Around
Length: 3:25 minutes
Model: Dutch Dame
Video by: RopeMarks

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Shows: Interactive B.I.T.C.H.

In February I performed in an interactive show together with RopeMarks at the B.I.T.C.H. fetish party. It was an amazing night, filled with rope and latex. A perfect night for a fetishist like me.

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks

Fanart: Thorsten Freye

I met artist Thorsten Freye at Venus, an erotic fair in Berlin, in 2012. He made several images of my performance with RopeMarks. A few weeks later I received these pictures of the amazing paintings he made. I feel very honored that he made three paintings of me in bondage. These paintings will be displayed soon in galleries and are also for sale via his website (link is below the images).

Model: Dutch Dame By: Thorsten Freye Bondage by: RopeMarks

Photos: Suffering in bondage

“Dutch Dame has been taken into the attic to spend over 6 hours together with RopeMarks. In the mean time the sun went down and the night came. She has been tied and then suspended upside down in several positions. Then left alone to suffer in bondage...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Suffering in bondage
Images: 74
Model: Dutch Dame
Bondage: RopeMarks
Photographer: PhotoTom

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Model: Dutch Dame

Flyers: Lovely Latex by Brigitte More

I am proud to be featured on the new Brigitte More flyer together with many beautiful girls. Brigitte More is an amazing latex designer and her new flyer shows many of her beautiful lovely latex outfits.

Model: Dutch Dame, Jade Vixen, Rachael Vee, Kay Morgan, Saffron Taylor, Starfucked, Sister Sinister and Lara Aimee.
Photography by: Guldor photography, Mew-Chiel and many others!
Designer: Brigitte More

Photos: Transparent Latex

“Dutch Dame loves transparent latex. This set of images contains a dress up with layer over layer of transparent latex. Until she is dressed from head to toe in heavy rubber. Also this set contains her playing with anesthesia respirator connected to a rubber breathing bag. After a little breath play, watch Dutch Dame play with an inflatable hood...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Transparent Latex
Images: 42
Model: Dutch Dame
Photographer: Fetish Tool

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Model: Dutch Dame

Videos: B.I.T.C.H. DVD

Dutch Dame is featured in the official B.I.T.C.H. DVD. This DVD is a compilation of the great party that has been held in 2013. It shows many sexy party people and show performances. Together with RopeMarks DutchDame is featured on this DVD several times. Below there is a compilation of our performances together.

Model: Dutch Dame Event: B.I.T.C.H.

Magazines: Massad #266

The magazine Massad issue 266 features a review of the party B.I.T.C.H. A picture of my performance with RopeMarks was featured with this article. B.I.T.C.H. was a fun party and I had such a great time. Can´t wait till the next B.I.T.C.H.!

Model: Dutch Dame Magazine by: Massad

Magazines: Massad #265

The Massad issue 265 presents a review of the rubber party EuroPerve. EuroPerve was in one word: AWESOME! I totally loved it and the night was filled with latex, latex and more latex! Also DutchDame performed in two shows. One catwalk with DeMask new latex designs and a champagne show also performed by DeMask. I was a lucky girl getting to dress and wear beautiful DeMask latex outfits.

Model: Dutch Dame Magazine by: Massad

Videos: Her Porn DVD

The amazing director Saskia Quax made a video featuring Dutch Dame named JumpCut. This video has been included in the DVD production by Petra Joy. The DVD is named 'Her Porn'. Besides JumpCut, there are many others sexy videos featured. Definitely a must have!

Model: Dutch Dame

Flyers: DeMask

One day I was reading the Massad and I came across the new DeMask flyer. To my surprise DutchDame was on it. Licking champagne of an inflatable and suspended body bag. That was a wonderful night and this flyer is a great surprise. Thank you DeMask!

Model: Dutch Dame, Photos by: Erikfoto, Latex by: DeMask

Magazines: Alternative Revolution Issue 4

Guldor is a Dutch photographer and I work with him frequently. He had a feature with his wonderful photographs in the Alternative Revolution magazine issue 4. Two images feature Dutch Dame, together with model Psylocke and WestWard Bound latex.

Model: Dutch Dame Magazine by: Alternative Magazine