Calendars: KinkyStyle 2015

Honoured to be in the KinkyStyle calendar again this year! Not only is DutchDame featured in heavy rubber but also naked in bondage. You can purchase your copy here:

Model: Dutch Dame

Photos: Mistress in Metallic Blue

“DutchDame is such a lucky girl being so close to the sensual sexy sweet fetish model Sinteque. Slowly touching her all over her skin tight shiny latex. The beautiful mistress Sinteque in one of my favorite colours metallic blue in combination with black latex and gorgeous high heels.”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Mistress in Metallic Blue
Images: 33
Models: DutchDame & Sinteque
Photographer: Daniel Berserker

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: B.I.T.C.H.

Together with RopeMarks I performed at one of the biggest kinky party in Holland, B.I.T.C.H.Besides a show on the main stage we also did an interactive bondage performance. It is always a pleasure to be present at this event and getting tied up all night long.

Model: Dutch Dame Event: BITCH With: RopeMarks

Events: German Fetish Ball

The German Fetish Ball took place in begin June, only now I found the time to finally upload these images. Love these backstage and party pictures! So many awesome people were there and I had so much fun. Maybe I had a bit to much fun, as I don't remember some pictures been taking anymore.... Anyway I was a model for the Fantastic Rubber catwalk, they dressed me in the Trooper catsuit. Which turned out to be a perfect fit. Then for the party I dressed in DeMask legging, HW Design body and hood. So much latex love was going on that night!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: German Fetish Ball With: Kwipi Lovebite, Honey Hair, Kristina Deetox, ElegyEllem,Psylocke, Bob RopeMarks, Lara Aimee, Dylan, Sister Sinister, MyNegation, Me-chiel, Alexander Horn (L-A-TEX) and many more!

Events: Subrosadictum

I attended the official Boundcon party the Subrosadictum.It was a wonderful evening with friends and fun! The location of this party always amazes me, the beautiful decorated that really gives that extra vibe to the party. I had an amazing time!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: Subrosadictum With: Bob RopeMarks, Max from Inner Sanctum, Safiya Winta, V. en Fraulein Mausweh.

Photos: Balloons

“On a special request DutchDame did a shoot with shiny balloons! Lots of different sizes and colors, she cuddles with them all. But what does she find between the balloons... it is an inflatable rubber hood! Can you find her between all the balloons? Totally covered between balloons from head to toe!”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Balloons
Images: 66
Model: DutchDame
Dress: Veronique's Female Fashion 
Photographer: RopeMarks

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Fantastic Rubber catwalk

Super proud to model in the Fantastic Rubber catwalk during this years German Fetish Ball in Berlin. This amazing big boob Trooper catwalk fitted just perfectly. All the models in this catwalk were dress in shiny catsuits with specially designed shoes. The catwalk was in one word: FANTASTIC!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: German Fetish Ball Weekend Rubber: Fantastic Rubber MUA: Angi Delray

Artwork: Pedro Konijn

One of the best fetish artist has drawn me! I am so honoured and happy.What an amazing work of art, thank you so much Pedro!!!

Model: Dutch Dame By: Pedro Konijn Bondage by: RopeMarks

Previews: Pussy Zuri


Video Name: Pussy Zuri
Length: 5:13 minutes
Models: Dutch Dame and Psylocke
Video by: RopeMarks

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Events: Boundcon

Boundcon this year was once again totally AWESOME! Besides all the wonderful bondages I did, I also met so many wonderful friends. Below jus a few images of the many. I met the beautiful Norwegian Cilie, the super sexy in latex Anna Rose from Alterpic, the lovely couple Kido Li and Richard and many more!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: Boundcon With: Cilie, Kido Li, Richard and Anna Rose (Alterpic) Photo: Vincent, RopeMarks and Uwe Rose

Photos: Enjoying Enclosure

“Total enclosure is what I enjoy the most! I love being dressed in shiny latex all over. Every inch of my body is covered and it feels amazing. I can't see and can't hear anymore. I can only breath through a tiny hole. After playing in the rubber room it is time to go outside for a stroll. Are you joining me on my journey...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Enjoying Enclosure
Images: 88
Model: DutchDame
Photographer: L-A-TEX

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Boundcon second show

Super proud to model again more for the international bondage star RopeMarks! Every time I do a show with him I just can't believe my luck. It is an honor and pleasure to do shows together. These images are of the second performance we did at Boundcon.

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Photos: Pedro Konijn

Flyers: Zauberfetish

One of the upcoming performance that I will do is at the Zauberfetish party. This party is on 6 December 2014 in Bremen, Germany.Beside performing there, the organization also used a picture of me on the flyer! I am so happy with that. I hope to see you all there!

Model: Dutch Dame Photographer: Guldor and RopeMarks Designer: House of Harlot and Fantastic Rubber

Photos: Girls Galore

“Introducing a sexy new girlfriend on my website. She is the beautiful Pussy Galore. Together we are dressed in black, white and transparent latex lingerie. Off course we love to play around with the latex and it is getting very hot in this room...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Girls Galore
Images: 28
Models: DutchDame and Pussy Galore
Latex: Burning Heart Latex
Make-up: Inge Eichhorn
Photographer: Alex Perez

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Model: Dutch Dame

Shows: Subrosadictum

Previously I attended the Subrosadictum party in Munchen, but this year I did a latex and bondage show with RopeMarks. This show was a collection of all sorts of elements, but all fetish! We played with candles, breath play, water and much more!

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Photos: Heinrich v. Schimmer