Magazines: Massad #270

Featured in the awesome Massad magazine once more! In the new Massad, issue 270, there is a feature about the 12,5 years anniversary of the fetish play party ShowBoat hosted by the fantastic Mistress Manita. This article includes a picture of DutchDame in bondage by RopeMarks.

Model: Dutch Dame Magazine by: Massad

Flyers: HW Design

I always love to shoot for HW Design. Their designs are so amazing and perfect. I feel very proud to be on their flyer this year in latex bizarre outfits together with a another great model Miss Mirjana. Image by coJac Photography.

Model: Dutch Dame Photographer:coJac Photography Designer: HW Design

Previews: Kinky Pony Girls


Video Name: Kink Pony Girls
Length: 10:57 minutes
Models: Anna Rose & DutchDame
Master: RopeMarks 
Video by: Uwe Rose (Alterpic)

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Calendars: coJac Photography 2015

Totally adore the stormtrooper images that I shoot together with coJac Photography. So I was very happy to see that he used this image for his brand new calendar! Together with many other lovely ladies. Off course all girls are dressed in sexy latex. You can get your copy here:
Yes, I want to buy a coJac calendar!

Models: Dutch Dame, Jade Vee, Psylocke, Elegy Ellem, Lizzy Meow, Lara Aimee, Sister Sinister, Kay Morgan and many more!

Photos: Strip that latex!

“DutchDame is wearing a simple yet super sexy black latex dress. So lovely, but she can not resist to show you what she is wearing underneath this outfit. Making a few small adjustment to her outfit so she ends up gagged and handcuffed... So strip that latex honey!”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Strip that Latex!
Images: 90
Model: DutchDame
Latex:Veronique's Female Fashion
Photographer: Lime Foxs

Featured on:
Model: Dutch Dame

Videos: SubRosaDictum

This year I performed with my partner in (rope) crime RopeMarks at the fetish event SubRosaDictum, in Germany. Every year the location is always so beautiful. Besides the fantastic location of this party. This party is also known for all the beautiful visitors dressed in rubber and the bondage corner at the venue. I tried to mix these two fetishes in one performance. The result is a show with a little latex and a little bondage. Hope you all enjoy this video!

Model: Dutch Dame Videographers: SubRosaDictum Bondage: RopeMarks

Interviews: BNN Spuiten en Slikken

Last night DutchDame was featured in the famous Dutch television show "Spuiten en Slikken". A national program that is all about sex and drugs. Together with RopeMarks we did a bondage demonstration, both floor bondage as rope suspensions. After the demonstration we did an interview together with the beautiful presenter Geraldine Kemper. RopeMarks even did a small bondage with her! Below a few screen shots of the episode. Also this episode can be seen via this link (the website and episode is in Dutch!):
Click here to go to the episode!

Model: Dutch Dame Bondage: RopeMarks Television: BNN Spuiten en Slikken

Interviews: Sinical Magazine

Sinical Magazine contacted me for an interview. Off course I was honored and happy to do this. Do you want to read all about me? Then you will love this interview, click on the text or the image to view the interview:
Click here to go to the interview!

Model: Dutch Dame Photography by: coJac Photography Latex: Fantastic Rubber Magazine: Sinical Magazine

Events: EuroPerve

What a magical night! EuroPerve was a kinky and sexy night with lots of friends. I had a blast and I am all ready looking forward to the next edition. Extremely happy with my Inner Sanctum outfit while watching the fetish shows organized by DeMask. Day after the party I found my happy face on so many pictures, super party!

Model: Dutch Dame Event: EuroPerve Photos: L-A-TEX, Alex Perez and Ultimate Psycho With: RopeMarks, Snake, Alexander Horn, Joan V-Tox, Massad, coJac Photography, Peter Diablow, DeMask, Mistress Anita and many more!

Photos: Empty Wardrobe

“Waiting in the wardrobe for you to arrive. Let me help you with your jacket. Then you can help me with my dress. I can't reach that zipper in the back of the dress on my own and I need your help. Join me in this empty wardrobe for a private party with just the two of us...”

Photo Gallery

Set Name: Empty Wardrobe
Images: 20
Model: DutchDame
Latex: Inner Sanctum
Photographer: Alex Perez

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Model: Dutch Dame

Videos: Fijne Vrienden

We met these fine friends at Unleashed and a few days later they came over to talk with us about bondage. That day we gave a little demonstration and also made some images. Our fine friends tried out bondage for the first time! (the video is in Dutch)

Model: Dutch Dame Videographers: Fijne Vrienden Bondage: RopeMarks